Booba – PGP (English Translation)

“Booba – PGP (English Translation)”

PGP plugged in, the ne-zo is squared
It’s a bit more expensive at the zoo but it’s quality
The killer cop of Adama Traoré will be acquitted
Maes told me: “Kopp, the madrina wants to get married”

Always ready to fuck mothers, I wanted to emphasize
The gamos, the mansions, the big choirs, everything is there
I put you in the ass on a Kaaris sound, I can not forget you
To have a big ticket, I put in quagmire

You speak Chinese from then maternity
It’s nice to have grenades, but do you know how to unpin?
I want the funeral of MLK, not Johnny Hallyday
Fuck your mother by the ass, the female-fours have not validated

PGP plugged in, 9 milli to get you
Put your ass on my sound, I’ll have to share you
I signed with God but Iblis wants to manage me
I’ll make you outlines but I’ll do them with chalk
If you speak badly of the mouth, the violence will escalate

Say hello to my little friend, bataradé
I left calibrated, I listen to “Train of life” of Koba LaD
I’m Captain Africa, green-yellow-red on the shield
Her mother does not love me, she says I have too much obscenity

I just bought two sounds-may with Ipsity money
Go make me eat, do not talk about my infidelities
If you’re his enemy, you’re mine, there’s no ambiguity
PGP plugged, jnoun left under the couch

I ordered the latest AMG pearly white
Like all the guys in the B.A.C., I did not make the F.A.C
She wants me to put the B.A.G., I find it moved
It’s been a long time since research, the sentence will not delay

Say hello to my little friend, bataradé
I’ll come with hate, leave with M
Do not bring back your Brazilian or I’m going with her
PGP plugged, I run joints up the stairs


[French Lyrics]

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