Anuel AA – Te Boté RHLM Versión (English Translation)

“Anuel AA – Te Boté RHLM Versión (Lyrics)”

Real Hasta La Muerte, baby
She dresses in red because she is a devil
Daughter of lucifer (uah)
You are a devil and you got dirty in another skin
All the shit that you talk, everything died, bad woman
And you already annoyed me and to hell I threw you, baby

Fuck you I threw you, I threw you
I gave you band and I let you go, I let you go
You are a newspaper yesterday, I forgot you
And I’m not going to read you, I’m not going to read you
(Uah, Anuel)

The love died again
I spent a hundred thousand in the AP, I boasted (uah)
You aren’t my baby (the baby)
Already inside another baby I buried

Baby, Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton)
And she was operated in Medellín (Medellín)
Uah (uah), I’m bitten
I sent you to the hamlet (haha)

Uah, and your boyfriend is fucked
And I in the Rolls Royce in my own
Uah, little baby, what dies does not come back (amen)
Uah (Brrr)

Always with the glock, booty like Jennifer Lopez (haha)
She bounces that shorts and I suck her pussy so she does not bounce me
And we always fuck in the boat
And for your boyfriend I have 4 dracotes

I always put you in 4 and I fuck you
And the quilos always come from Santo Domingo
The baby is white like a gringo
And in the name of God we fuck on Sundays (brr)

Baby, last night I was thinking about you
On how we did it and when it was
You on top of me I reminded you
Completely tearing you apart and eating you
And I hate to sleep alone, but I know
I threw you

I threw you out of my life, I threw you out
And I fucked your friend, I fucked her
You are yesterday’s newspaper, I threw you out
And I’m not going to read, I’m not going to read you


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